Интервью североамериканской газете “The Wall Street Journal”

Дал интервью североамериканской газете “The Wall Street Journal” (город Нью-Йорк), подробнее – здесь.

A Russian Fights for Stalin’s Victims. Nearly 80 years ago, Joseph Stalin’s secret police shot the great-grandfather of Denis Karagodin. Now he has shaken Russia with a landmark investigation. <…>”They buried him here and thought the story was over,” says Mr. Karagodin, a fast-talking 34-year-old who shares the intense eyes that stare out from photographs of his great-grandfather. Stepan was a victim of the Soviet dictator’s Great Terror against so-called enemies of the people. He had been charged with spying for Japan, but in 1955, after Stalin’s death, Stepan’s name was cleared. “With that, they thought that the matter was settled,” said Mr. Karagodin. “I wanted to show that it wasn’t.”<…> – Friday, 16 December 2016, 14:00 GMT, The Wall Street Journal – http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-russian-fights-for-stalins-victims-1481896844

Материал в рамках Расследования в отношении судьбы КАРАГОДИНА Степана Ивановича.