Интервью в британской газете “The Guardian”

Мое интервью в британской газете “The Guardian” (город Лондон), подробнее – здесь.

Great-grandson of man killed in Stalin’s purges to sue Russian state – Descendant given document revealing chain of responsibility for death, from Soviet leader to three executioners. <…> A young designer in Russia plans to sue the state in an unprecedented case after an archivist sent him evidence appearing to name the agents of Joseph Stalin’s secret police who executed his great-grandfather. Denis Karagodin, 34, received the document in the post after repeated requests to the Federal Security Service (FSB) for information about the circumstances of his great-grandfather’s execution. – Wednesday 30 November 2016 11.32 GMT – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/30/great-grandson-of-man-killed-in-stalins-purges-to-sue-russian-state

Материал в рамках Расследования в отношении судьбы КАРАГОДИНА Степана Ивановича.