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Мое интервью британской медиа-корпорации BBC World News” (город Лондон), подробнее – здесь.

Siberian man tracks down great-grandfather’s executioners – “A man from Siberia who has spent the last five years trying to find out who executed his great-grandfather during the Stalinist purges has received an apology from a granddaughter of one of the executioners. Denis Karagodin searched through archives and wrote countless requests to the Russian security service. Thanks to sheer perseverance, he recently obtained the key information he’d been searching for: the names of the three men who killed his relative. In recent years, the Russian authorities have been accused of attempting to rewrite history and re-cast Stalin as a heroic wartime leader in order to reinforce their nationalist agenda. From Tomsk in Siberia, Our Moscow Correspondent Steve Rosenberg reports…”  – https://blog.stepanivanovichkaragodin.org/?p=11390

Материал в рамках Расследования в отношении судьбы КАРАГОДИНА Степана Иванович