Denis Karagodin is an independent Political and Social Researcher, Analyst, Political Technologist, Lobbyist, and Influencer.

Best known as the founder of the KARAGODIN Investigation (Расследование КАРАГОДИНА) project, he is widely covered in national and global media outlets, as well as in books and scientific literature.

Currently, he is working on projects and materials for his Ph.D. thesis in political science, focusing on ideology, law, culture, questions regarding the nature of time, and media.

His interests span Social Philosophy, Political Science, Ontology, History, Culture, Literature, Fashion, Design, Media, and Art.

Born in the USSR, he now resides in the EU and Russia.

Currently in: Russia.

His personal blog and social media accounts (@karagodin) are primarily maintained in Russian (and in private mode mostly), but messages intended for a global audience are published in English and made public.

Feel free to contact him and donate to support his projects.