I’m actively working on the “System”

I am actively working on the “System”, — deliberately not disclosing details, but the work is related to the “KARAGODIN Investigation” project.

My decision to employ Large Language Models (LLM) in this work turned out to be fantastically productive, fortunate, and, without exaggeration, revolutionary!

The data structures I work with are complex and substantial. They encompass philosophical concepts for interpreting social reality, a corpus of regulatory databases, an account of the media landscape in Russia and globally, and the socio-political context — all this and a bit more. As I mentioned, dealing with this volume became difficult, and at times nearly impossible, due to its sheer size, multifaceted nature, and variability.

Large structures require appropriate tools.

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My language model

When the artist Dmitry Vrubel (the author of the famous “kiss” of Brezhnev and Honecker – a mural on the Berlin Wall) was alive, we planned to create an artistic work with him, where I would stand against a background wall made of all the documents comprising the “KARAGODIN Investigation” corpus.

So, it would have been walls of investigation files, all responses from government bodies, all inquiries, references, letters, everything, everything, everything, including screens of information (if the documents, for example, were electronic).

The idea was to show a person against the backdrop of that bureaucratic wall that one has to overcome and at the same time build.

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I am seeking admission to a PhD program at a university in the USA

If you are aware of any universities in the United States that would be interested in accepting me (as the author of the ‘KARAGODIN Investigation’ project) for an academic PhD or fellowship program, please, kindly inform me!

The Library of Congress of the USA has included the website of the ‘KARAGODIN Investigation‘ project in its web catalog as a source of significant historical value, created digitally and never previously published on paper.

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