I’m actively working on the “System”

I am actively working on the “System”, — deliberately not disclosing details, but the work is related to the “KARAGODIN Investigation” project.

My decision to employ Large Language Models (LLM) in this work turned out to be fantastically productive, fortunate, and, without exaggeration, revolutionary!

The data structures I work with are complex and substantial. They encompass philosophical concepts for interpreting social reality, a corpus of regulatory databases, an account of the media landscape in Russia and globally, and the socio-political context — all this and a bit more. As I mentioned, dealing with this volume became difficult, and at times nearly impossible, due to its sheer size, multifaceted nature, and variability.

Large structures require appropriate tools.

In trying to approach all this, my knowledge of coding basics and system architecture (both social, linguistic, and computer systems) has been helpful. This “tactical” skill allows me to create truly revolutionary (at least for me) products, or as they are called in the sharashka and institutions that followed them — “izdelie” [“izdelie” is a term describing a product or work result created under the special conditions of a “sharashka” (a secret research and development laboratory in the Soviet Union)].

My preliminary tests showed that the “tool” for the “izdelie” is functional, and it can be used successfully and effectively.

I’m glad I didn’t use it and these approaches earlier.

Because I don’t need to “improve the text” conditionally, I learned how to do it analogously myself. What I really need is help in synthesizing vast amounts of information, implementing it in a certain way into my system of project representations and my toolkit.

This is what I am doing now.

The working name of my “izdelie” is “System”.

I am consciously not disclosing details, but the work is related to the “KARAGODIN Investigation” project (KARAGODIN.ORG).

Everything I envisioned is starting to work out. I am very happy about this…

I continue to do my work.